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Cast Away


A marooned nobleman must cast off his youthful ways to survive and become a man, even if it means losing the woman he has just learned how to love.

The heir of a Duke, betrothed to a daughter of his king, Jeremy Nottingdale thought he knew what life had in store for him until his uncle threw him overboard. Accustomed to a life of privilege and pampering, Jeremy is suddenly faced with the challenge to survive. Cast Away tells of Jeremy’s transformation from a spoiled aristocrat to a respectful nobleman not only because of his time marooned on an island, but also because of the woman he finds there. Beautiful, intelligent, and resourceful Sanura is an enigma. Rather than seduce her, as would be his usual wont, he finds himself acting as he knows a gentleman should. Over time, the challenges and dangers of their life of exile draw them closer. They find they can express through love what they cannot in language.

Jeremy’s greatest desire is for a rescue so he can see Sanura safely to her family, whoever and wherever they are. Yet the granting of this greatest of his wishes would mean he must part with her and never see her again. When the time comes, will he be able to cast her away?

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